Thursday, September 26, 2013

The weekend, plus a little more

Friday night we had some friends over so their parents could go on a date night.  It was a rip roarin' time!  They all insisted on sleeping in the same room.  The smallest room in our house, but whatever.  They stayed up until 10:30 and then at 6:05 Andrew's buddy woke everyone up by proclaiming, "It's morning time, cha, cha, cha!"  Funny kid.
Earlier in the evening the little boys and I went to the library for their Stuffed Animal Sleepover.  We left our stuffed animals at the library, read a bedtime story to them, had milk and cookies and then kissed the stuffed animals (not the kiddos) good night.  The next morning we picked up the animals and celebrated with donuts.  The precious lady that works at the library presented a slide show with all the of animal's adventures.  Beyond adorable.
We had a whirlwind of a Saturday, which included flag football games and date night for me and Fred.  My friend happened to be snapping pictures during the football game.  What treasures these pictures are!!  Look at that kid go.  His friend is on the ground with his flag.  I'm proud to report they are still friends and Jack did not mow over that kid running toward him.  

After helping at my friend's clothing sale Fred and I headed out.  We swapped babysitting with our friends from the night before.  We left this crew and headed to Patti's in Grand Rivers, Kentucky with a Sunday School class from church.  

We had the most wonderful time at dinner.  The drive to and from Patti's was nice as well.  Three hours total of uninterrupted conversation?!?  I'll take it.  Dinner was really just a bonus.  I love this guy.  
We got back and Jack told me he was not feeling well.  Sure enough, he was running a low grade temp.  He was pretty pitiful.  Saturday night at a preacher's house is not the best time for someone to get sick.  We regrouped and had everyone get ready for bed.  Just as things started to settle we heard this horrible noise in the bathroom.  Yep, sewage was backing up into our house at 9:30 pm on a Saturday night.  Fred called our plumber.  He was on his honeymoon...whoops.  A replacement plumber was scheduled to come the next morning. 
Sunday morning we woke up, packed a bag and headed to church for showers.  Isn't that what everyone does who doesn't have working water at their house?!?  Mimi and Tee came to the rescue to get Jack so Fred and I could carry out our responsibilities at church.  It was definitely an eventful morning.  
When mom and dad picked up Jack he told them that only Fred and I had gotten showers.  Then he said, "I guess preachers and girls are the only ones that need to smell good."  Honestly, he just makes me laugh with his perspective sometimes.  
Here we are staying home from church.  He looks sick, doesn't he?!?

I am pleased to report that our plumbing is now fixed, Jack is not sick and life has gone on. Well...almost.  Victim #2 went down this morning.  Boo.

The boys are out of school tomorrow.  We delayed our regular Dairy Delight meeting to Friday so they could join us.  They are pretty excited.  They are also going to work in the yard with me, which will be epic.  Good times around here!   

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