Thursday, September 5, 2013

What's up with us...

Labor Day weekend my childhood friends and I always get together.  We typically meet up in Nashville for 24 hours or so.  It is a great time.  We laugh and talk and laugh and eat and talk and laugh. We stayed up until 1:00 am just catching up.  (I haven't stayed up til 1:00 am since I had a newborn and absolutely had to get up at that awful hour.) True friendships are such a blessing.  I cherish each one in this picture.  I should note that one girl couldn't make it.  She just had a baby two weeks ago.  She was excused...even though I volunteered for the middle of the night shift.
We ate at the Chop House and then had frozen yogurt from one of those fancy yogurt places.  You know, for a girl from a small town this is a big deal.  I do love some yogurt and fruit.  We had a contest of sorts to see whose weighed the most at check out, but I will refrain from mentioning the winner.

After a long night of sleep (ha!) we headed for a little shopping and a final meal at Chuy's.  We ate here last year and several of us have been craving this dip (jalapeno ranch) since last year.  I may or may not have eaten enough of it to hold me to next year.  

Fred and the boys went to Memphis after church on Sunday.  I have no pictures from this adventure, but I'm sure everyone ate what they wanted, drank as much soda as they liked and stayed up past their bedtime.  And that's just Fred...hahaha...just kidding!

Jack had picture day this week.  He had me iron his clothes so he could look nice for his picture. He even sprayed his hair down and slicked it over.  I cannot wait for these to get back.  Cannot wait.

Clayton is super sweet, 90% of the time.  That 10% Mornings, especially breakfast, seem to be his struggle.  After a particularly rough morning, we took away his Lego magazine (and I'll refrain from typing what he said to me).  Said that to say, he will be heading home today to plan the breakfast menu for next week.  He will spend his afternoon completing this little task.  I have four requirements:  1.  It must be healthy.
                            2.  It must be cheap.
                            3.  Everyone must like it.
                            4.  It has to be easy to prepare.
I am tempted to have him shop for the items and then wake up early to prepare them, but I will not.  He asked if this was a punishment.  I explained that it was not a punishment, merely an education.  We'll see...

A friend and I painted a room in our children's area at church.  Of course Andrew had to go with me.  This worked out well for him.  Two of his favorite things collided in this one activity:  being a helper and painting.  After five minutes of "being my helper" he was covered in paint.  We quickly declared the clothes he had on as painting clothes and just moved on.  Thankfully, after all the paint that was on him there was still enough left for the walls.  The room looks great!

Andrew still does not like the car wash.  At least he's not screaming.  I call that progress.
 Don't tell the big boys, but every time the "baby" and I go to Walmart he gets to ride this little jewel.  They did not enjoy pleasures such as this.  There are perks to being the baby, people.

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