Monday, December 22, 2014

Programs and Programs

 Jack had his Christmas program a few days before school got out.  Fred, Renee, Dale and I headed to Oak to see the program.  Security is VERY tight at Jack's school.  We didn't get to get a picture with him before or after the program.  The teachers formed a barricade and escorted the students in.  When the program was over the principal got up and complimented the kiddos and then said to the audience, "Okay, this is what's about to happen:  You are going to keep your seat and the students are going to file out of here (Que teacher barricade and students filing out.).  Thank you for coming and Merry Christmas.  Please exit out the front doors."  She did not play.  Did not.  I've never seen a group of grown ups "obey" any better.  Wow, we live in a world where the safety of children is so at risk that they have to be filed in and out of a room under the protection of teachers.  I sure am grateful for Jack's and all.

 Andrew had his program Thursday night at our church.  Security was not quite as tight here. Grin.  He was a wise man...that had to wear purple.  It was touch and go for a little while, but he prevailed.  Fred, Renee, Mun and Janice all got to come.  It was really sweet.

 Friday morning Clayton had a school assembly/program where several groups preformed.  Since we did not get to see his Christmas concert I quickly emailed his chorus teacher to see if it would be okay if we joined in on the school thing.  He said it would be fine so I told Clayton Fred and I would come and sit by him.  I wish I had gotten a photo of the look of terror on his face.  Pure terror.  It was classic.  I don't think it will ever get old evoking this response!!
Fred and I were at the program, along with about 4 other parents.  I really know how to pick a seat.  Can you find my child in the above photo?  Yeah, my neither.  His teacher is blocking him.  I'm awesome.
 His teacher moved over...just for me, right?!?  It really was a great program.  We did not sit by Clayton.  One of the teachers there played the piano (like a rock star) and sang, "Oh Holy Night".  As he was singing I couldn't help but be prompted to pray that the kids in the room were able to know what was so divine about the night.  Hopefully, they will "fall on their knees" over the greatness of God this Christmas season.  He is the only thing that will transform our schools and city.  What a great testimony.
 During Christmas it is perfectly acceptable to snack on homemade Chex mix to carb up for a run, right?!?  Delicious.
 Some friends at church called us Friday night to see if we wanted their tickets to the University of Memphis basketball game.  Why yes, yes we do!  Impromptu date on a Saturday afternoon, yes please.  Our Tigers are not that good this year, but thankfully they won the game.  Yahoo!!
This week promises to hold all kinds of excitement!  I can't believe we are wrapping up 2014.  Goodness, where did this year go?!?

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