Friday, December 12, 2014

This week

-Several weeks ago Fred and were walking with Dash without a leash.  We apparently we made our neighbors very mad.  We made them so mad that the lady of the house shouted expletives out her door at us.  We got Dash and quickly headed home.  Later Fred and I were discussing this and the boys overheard us.  They of course wanted to know what the people said to us.  After realizing we were not going to tell them Andrew said, "Did they say the "C" word?"  We really didn't know what to say.  We asked Andrew what "C" word he was talking about, but he wouldn't tell us.  Finally Fred assured him it was safe to tell us.  Andrew leaned in close and whispered, "Stupid".  Ha!
-In other Dash news....I ripped a hole in my tights this week and threw them away.  Dash got in the trash and dug them out.  Here's his "maybe she won't notice" face.

  -We have this service at church every Christmas called White Christmas.  I grew up participating in this service at my home church so it's pretty wonderful to do it again and have my children see it.  Everybody brings a gift (tissue, socks, soap, toothpaste, etc.) wrapped in white paper and then the gifts are divided between several homeless ministries here in Memphis.  We go by Sunday School classes and leave our gifts at the tree.  For the older people at church it is one of the few times they get to see the children.  I happened to be in the front of the church so I got to speak to just about everyone.  I even got to snap a quick picture of one of ours.
-Monday Andrew and I ran all over doing errands.  He was such a good sport that I told him we'd grab lunch at our last stop, which was Costco.  He told me he was good enough for McDonald's, not Costco.  So, guess where we went?!?
Wednesday morning we went to the mall with Liz and her kiddos.  We played on the play area, had lunch and jumped on the trampolines.  Liz also treated everyone to a Christmas cookie.  There are not many people out there that enjoy a cookie more than me, but I think this girl may win...
-I worked out with a friend Friday morning.  When we finished I decided to head to the grocery store.  It is never a good idea for me to go to the grocery store post work out/hungry.  This is the only thing I left with not on my list...
I count that a success!  Also, if you'll look closely the ice cream is sitting on kale so that evens out, right?!?

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