Sunday, April 5, 2015


Saturday was the beginning of ball seasons at our house.  This fella got dressed around 7:00 am and then we found out that his game was canceled.  Disappointed does not begin to describe his emotions. 

This dog is made to run.  The majority of the time he drives me crazy, but when we run he is all mine.  If a dog could smile he would be grinning from ear to ear. 

 This came home from preschool the other day with this sweet picture.  Be still my heart. 
 My big boys had Bible Drill Thursday night.  If you are not Baptist you probably don't know what this is.  Allow me to give you a brief explanation...They memorize 24 Bible verses, 10 Key passages (like where you can find the ten commandments, sermon on the mount, etc.), books of the Bible.  They've been working since January and it's a lot of hard work.  They both did really well.  All our family came down to watch.

Friday we enjoyed a low key day...not really, but whatever...We had Nora's birthday party where two of our boys participated in the first of three egg hunts.   (I had cake.  I didn't want to be rude for cryin' out loud.  She's 2!!  Plus I turned down peanut butter pie for the second time this week.  When you turn down pb pie twice you lose at least 5 pounds.)
Clayton was not there. He was at the Grizzlies game with his buddy, Colin.  The Grizzlies were having a free giveaway.  He and his buddy got a free cape and mask.
Saturday morning we got up to head out for Andrew's soccer games and the Easter Eggstravangaza.  (Hunt #2). 


We had an egg hunt, hot dogs, popcorn, snow cones, jumpers, and face painting. What more could you want?!?
This is my friend and partner in crime when it comes to children's events at church.  We are on a team of awesome people, but Stephanie and I plan VBS together.  We've also had several planning meetings at a local Greek restaurant and at a Hibachi grill.  What?  If we have to meet to plan there might as well be good food there, right?!? 
  When we came home Andrew helped Mimi make her annual bunny cake.  He had a blast.  Note the tiger face painting left over from the egg hunt. 
At some point during the afternoon it worked out perfectly that I had an hour or so by myself.  I worked a puzzle.  It was lovely. 
 I did not get a hot dog at the Egg Hunt.  (Each time I was pregnant I was sick.  Sick.  When you are married to someone in the ministry you eat a lot of hot dogs.  Sometime when I was pregnant with Andrew I vowed not to eat another hot dog.  Ever again.) Needless to say I was hungry after the Egg Hunt.  My dad and I share an affection for Krystal.  I thought this would be the perfect treat after all our hard work.  It did not disappoint.  I did not eat all of this on the tray, but I did my part.  Some of us are givers.  Grin.
 After Krystal and the bunny cake assembly Mimi and Tee hosted our third egg hunt.  They put money in the eggs.  It's a good time.  At one point I thought about joining in on the hunt. 
Later in the day I found this in a drawer in my kitchen.  Andrew wrote his name on a piece of paper, taped it to his candy and then hid it.  You know he's the third boy, right?!?  Bless his heart.
 Sunday morning we woke up and got ready.  I went to cook breakfast and my oven did not work.  It did not heat over 100 degrees.  This will not cook a breakfast casserole.  Bummer.  Fred got ready quickly and took it to church, which left me (and my parents) to dress the boys.  Andrew was not happy with is clothes in this one.  He said, "I look horrible.  My bow tie is choking me.  My shoes hurt.  I need a band aid." Happy Easter everyone.  Ha!
 Here is Andrew with his buddy at church.  Is that not the cutest thing EVER?!? Bow tie and a friend with suspenders, yes please!!
 Each Easter I try to select just the perfect outfits for my family (I kid.  I really do not.  I just try to find things that they will not whine too much about.  I have boys.).  It is however the first time we've pulled out new spring clothes.  For whatever reason it's just kind of a place to begin with spring stuff.  When I was a child it meant that I wore my "white Sunday shoes".  Does anyone else remember this?!?  I had white in the spring and summer and black and brown in the fall and winter.  Easter and Labor day were our changing points.  Maybe this is just a southern thing, but you would NEVER wear white past Labor Day.  Tisk, tisk.  Any who...
I like to get a family picture on Easter.  It's a tradition.  This year it was seemingly impossible.  First photo take...child #2 is making a crazy face. 
 After discussing with him on proper picture taking procedures we try again.  Guess who ruins it this time?!?  Me!  My eyes are closed.  I give up. 
 Here's my sweet boys before we left for the day.  Aren't they precious?!? 
Happy Easter from the Shackelfords!  Because of the resurrection of Jesus, which we celebrate every day not just Easter, we are able to live.  He paid it all.  Oh praise the one who paid my debt and raised this life up from the dead!

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