Sunday, April 26, 2015

Going on

Andrew and I went to a yard sale last Friday.  If you know him you know that this pile of stuffed animals (while totally GROSS to me) is a treasure trove.  He could no sooner pick a favorite star in the heavens.  However, after several minutes of decision we left with only one. 

I do not know what I was thinking, but I scheduled all three boy for school physicals on the same day.  Crazy, right?  Could those rooms be any smaller?!?  Two boys had to have shots...the oldest and youngest.  The youngest did fine.  He resisted a little, but ultimately he just took all three.  The oldest was caught off guard b/c he thought he only needed on shot, when in fact, he was getting three.  Oh dear.  I'm not going in to detail, but there was MUCH, much resistance.  There were tears.  Ultimately there were shots given.  And then there was a punching match.  Bet you didn't see that one coming!  You see, child one was losing his mind and this was very entertaining to child two.  Child two was laughing so child one punched him and then child two punched him back.  Luckily the room was small and the situation was easy to contain.  And, lucky for my boys, I did not swing back.  This picture was snapped before all the drama took place.  Good memories, right?

 Later that evening the big boys went to a school play that we thought might not be appropriate for Andrew.  So, Andrew and I hung out together.  We played mini golf...a coupon that he earned at the doctor for being a good patient.  He actually got a hole in one on the hole below.
 Then we had yogurt and then we rented a movie.  He told me we got to do three things because he got three shots.  Works for me!
 This big guy was fired up when they suited him up with catchers gear.  This mom was ready to take him home.  It was 8:45 on a school night.  That's late enough.  But really...could you tell this guy no?!?  Me neither. 
Thursday morning Andrew and I loaded up and headed to Jackson for my friend's wedding.  We went up early to get ready for her bridesmaid lunch.  I had to get shopping and cooking done while my mom decorated.
Friday morning this young man headed out for his choir competition.  He left at 5:30 am, without any parents, for his first overnight school trip.  He's been working hard all year with his choir.  They got to go to Pigeon Forge, Tennessee and participate in a competition as well as other very fun activities. 
While Clayton was loading up I was out on a run.  I ran to my Alma Mater's campus, Union University.  It has changed so much since I left several years ago.  As I got on the campus memories just came flooding over me. 
Later that afternoon we had lunch at my parent's house for my friend's bridesmaid luncheon.  I think this is a southern thing, but it really should catch on.  It's a blast.  The bride gave us all a gift bag with an owl, a bracelet and a signed copy of Melanie Shankle's book, Nobody's Cuter Than You.  Too sweet.   

Here we are getting ready for the wedding.  I'm here with my two roommates from college.  Remember earlier when I ran on Union's campus and had lots of memories?  Yeah, most of those memories involved these two.  I can't believe it's been almost 20 years since we started that journey together.  Goodness.  Surely we are not that old?!?

Then Fred arrived for the wedding.  Isn't he the cutest?!? 
Here I am with the bride.  She was beautiful! 
This was us the night before at the bachelorette party.  Lindsey planned it and it didn't start until 9:00...30 minutes past my bedtime.  We sipped coffee, had dessert and opened presents.  Wild and crazy, right?  I know.  I had caffeine after 1:00 pm AND I had 2 cups of coffee in one day.  You just can't keep up with me I'm so wild!
Sorry for the mix up in pictures.  I'm too tired to rearrange them.  Here's the sweet couple leaving after the party. 

Here's me and Melody after the wedding pretending we are asleep.  We weren't really asleep, but we were tired.  Yes, we were.  I'm still recovering today.  Yes, I'm old.

During the reception Becca had a photo booth.  Fred and I had a little fun in the photo booth.  Good times.  Congrats to the happy couple!  We sure did love celebrating with you!

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