Monday, May 4, 2015

This week

Several weeks ago my father-in-law called to tell us he had been given four tickets to a Grizzlies play off game.  It was on a Wednesday night (church and school), but we decided to let the boys go.  Sure, they will enjoy a Grizzlies game just as much as me and Fred.  Sure they will.  Did I mention they were 14 rows from the floor?  Have I told you that I've NEVER been that close to the floor.  I'm not bitter though.  No, I'm not.  Yes, I am.  Are you kidding me?!?  At least the Grizzlies won.  Go Grizz!

All of our boys have gotten do take a special trip over the last week.  Clayton went to Pigeon Forge with his Honor Choir at school.  They competed and did great!  Actually, they won first place.  We are so proud of him.  This is the first time for him to be on a trip without one of us.  He made it fine...except that he forgot to pack underwear.  How did we discover this?  Good question.  When he came home Sunday night (after leaving early Thursday morning) he was telling us non stop about his trip.  Then he paused and said, "Well, I guess I should go change my underwear.  I forgot to pack any and I've had this on since Wednesday night when I took my shower."  Fred and I nearly fell out.  I have no pictures from this event, because...well...he's in middle school.  We didn't go.  And those are just the breaks.  Boo.  I can picture him in my mind though. 

Andrew got to go with me on a trip with our senior adults to the Creation Museum.  We stopped along the way at the Corvette Museum.  Andrew was indignant at the end of the tour when we did not receive our Corvette.  His words were, "You SAID we were getting one!"  No, I believe my words were that we were going on a tour.  Yep, that's what I said.  There are many advantages to traveling with senior adults.  One of those advantages is always eating good food. They do not play.  Andrew thoroughly enjoyed this aspect.  In fact, his shorts on Sunday were a little tight as a testament to this fact.  Another advantage is that you have like 37 grandma's and grandpa's on the trip.  You want a sucker at 8:00 am?  Sure.  Candy bar at 9:30 pm?  Absolutely.  Cookies at 9:30 pm?  Why not?  He was absolutely precious. 
Here's Andrew enjoying a candy bar at 9:30 am. 

Our sweet Mr. Tommy had a helper in his ear.  I thought this was too sweet. 

On the way home we stopped at the Louisville Slugger Museum.  I'd highly recommend this if you like baseball.  I don't really like baseball, but it was still interesting. 
Our last stop was dinner at the Log Cabin Restaurant at Exit 143.  (Sorry Katie, I lobbied for McDonalds, but to no avail.) The Log Cabin Restaurant is some good eats.  Truthfully, Tommy stops here on every trip because he likes their chicken livers.  Gross.  When we got there Andrew got off the bus with Tommy's wife, Karen, to let the restaurant know we had arrived.  I was the last person in the restaurant, but when I got to the door I saw Andrew holding the door for everyone.  It was just precious.  It almost brought me to tears. 
Andrew and I decided to split a dinner and dessert.  He wanted cheese pie.  Chess pie?  No cheese pie.  After several confusing minutes I realized he was wanting cheesecake.  We put our order in and waited for our food.  The waitress brought our cheesecake first.  Andrew must have been hungry because while I wasn't looking he ate the entire piece of cheesecake.  Well not the entire thing.  He pushed 1/16th of it to me and said, "Here you go Mom.  I saved you some." So sweet.  Karen saw this entire thing play out and she almost fell off her chair she was laughing so hard.  It was really quite comical. 
Andrew and I got back on Wednesday.  Thursday was just a normal day...whatever that is.  Friday morning Jack and I headed for Jackson.  Once we got to Jackson Jack stayed with Mun and Janice while I loaded up my mother for us to head to Cleveland, Tennessee.  I had to go to a meeting for our summer mission trip.  I don't have any pictures of this either.  We did squeeze in a visit with my brother in Murfreesboro and lunch with my Aunt in Franklin.  So, winning all the way around. 
Jack stayed in Jackson waiting for my dad to get off work.  While he was waiting he played basketball at Mun and Janice's house and then ate lunch.  Janice asked Jack if he wanted to wash his hands and he said, "No, thanks." That kid is too funny. Once my dad got off work they headed to St. Louis for two Cardinals games.  Jack had a blast.  My dad and Jack are birds of a feather.  My dad speaks Jack's love and sports.  My dad did such a good job sending pictures. 

Sweet Fred kept every afloat while we were involved with all our activities.  He kept the home fire burning.  Bless him.  I did send him this in case he needed something to occupy his time while we were all coming and going: 
Yes, Dash the Dog at a pet show.  No, he did not take him.  Dash would win no contest, unless the contest included losing your mind and barking your head off.  If that's the case then send him a medal.  He wins this every day. 

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