Friday, May 15, 2015

Almost there!

 Saturday I had a Ladies Lunch at church.  While I was gone this sweet crew and their sweet dad cleaned our entire house from top to bottom.  Is that not the sweetest thing ever?!? 
I'm still not feeling my best so after the Ladies Lunch I laid on the couch (for 2 1/2 hours, but who's counting?!?) and recovered.  Once I felt like walking again I decided I could muster the energy to make chocolate cake.  Cake makes everything better, right.  (You can get the recipe here.)   We will enjoy this little treat while watching the Grizzlies game together.  Because we are all at night!!  Thank you Lord for rain that cancels EVERY outdoor activity, thus opening up a very lazy/productive day!! 
Before the Grizzlies game came on we squeezed in a little OEC.  OEC = my favorite restaurant in Bartlett. 
 The boys gave me a journaling Bible for Mother's Day.  I've been wanting one for quite some time.  I want to use it to take notes when Fred preaches.  Then someday when we are long gone our children or maybe their children will have my Bible with all of Fred's sermons in it. I was telling the boys this and without skipping a beat Jack said, "Who gets it?  Your favorite??"  Only a middle child would think of this.  Perhaps I should get three and alternate them.  Hmmm...

Also, Sunday night I had a dream/nightmare.  I dreamed that we had two more children (GASP!), a girl and a boy.  They were about five in the dream (perhaps they were twins.  I really don't know.  Dreams are weird like that.) my dream I did not know their names.  They were 5, but we were so busy we never learned their names.  I tried unsuccessfully my entire dream to learn their name without just coming out and asking them.  It is quite comical when I think about it.  Think we might be a little busy?!?

The boys had Bible drill recognition.  The lady that teaches it had knee surgery.  Thus the reason she's in a wheelchair.  The boys are so funny.  Clayton tried to hide his smile and Jack could not contain himself.  He just grinned from ear to ear...when they called his name...when they called Clayton's name...just grinned.  Bless my soul it was precious.  
 We have a banquet tonight at the University of Memphis.  Three of the people sitting at my table are UT fans.  One of them asked me about the dress code for the event.  This was my suggestion to him.  I think this screams business casual, don't you?!?
While I was at my banquet Jack had a concert at school.  He's been working all semester on this.  We had to tag team it.  My family even came up from Jackson. Everyone loved the concert! 
Tuesday (can you believe it's just Tuesday of our week?!?) Jack had field day.  Field day was made for Jack or Jack was made for field day.  Fred was there during the football toss.  I'm not one to blindly brag on our children, but he threw the football further than any other third grader.  It was great for him to have a victory.  There were parents there "recruiting" him for tackle football.  Is that not hilarious?  When I came up later people were asking me if that was my child that threw that football.  Why yes, yes it was. 
Then came tug of war.  I love tug of war.  I'm not normally competitive. I stood at the finish line and cheered for the last team to come in on the relay.  Yes, I did.  I was that girl in last.  I clapped over the sack races.  But tug of war?  I scream like a mad woman.  (I almost brought his cleats for crying out loud.) Jack was at the back.  Fred and I offered tips over breakfast on how he could help his class dominate tug of war and dominate they did.  They pulled against every 3rd grade class...twice...and won every.single.time.  He was in it to win it.  No messing around.  He was all business.  He did not inherit Fred's thighs for nothing.  He is a beast. 

 (On a side note, I was late for field day because I was at the doctor having my blood checked.  I am so tired all the time.  I can't imagine why?!?)
Later that night we all headed to hear Clayton's choir sing.  He participated in Male Choir...
6th Grade Choir...
And then honor choir...
His program was so good.  I can't believe how far they've come in a year.  He loves to sing and I love to see him do something he it works out great for everyone involved.  As soon as they sang their last song I literally ran out the back door, ran through to parking lot and sped to the ball fields.  Literally.  I promised the man in the middle I would come see him play.  Fortunately, Mimi, Tee, Mun and Janice came to see the concert.  Tee and Jack slipped out early to go to his game.  He had Tee cheering him on until I got there.  They only play three innings and I got to see him in the middle of the second.  He was grinning from ear to ear.  And he hit a grand slam for me at his last at bat. This kid loves a sport. 
 Wednesday morning Andrew and I had a pretty low key morning/30 minutes and we headed to an eye appointment.  He failed his kindergarten vision screening so our pediatrician referred him to an pediatric ophthalmologist.  I figured it was just a fluke.  Nope.  He read the chart perfectly with his right eye, but then he could not even see the first image with his left eye. What?!?  Seriously, it was a 10 x 13 black and white picture of an airplane and he could not see it.  Whoops.  Apparently he's been like this his entire life. 
 He had to wear these cool shades since they dilated his eyes. 
 Then we went and picked out glasses.  Have you ever seen anything cuter than that?!?  We ordered two pairs because I have no lofty ambitions of us keeping one pair alive in this house.  Since I now have the added responsibility of keeping up with his glasses I'm thinking I need to get rid of Dash.  I can't handle all of this responsibility.  I kid.  Well...sort of. 
Andrew will wear these for six weeks and then we'll go back for a recheck.  If his vision does not improve he will have to wear a patch.  I was trying to sell the patch thing and told him we would just call him a pirate.  He gave me a slight eye roll and said, "Seriously, no."  I guess we won't. 
Wednesday I picked up Jack from school and I knew he wasn't feeling well as soon as I saw him.  His teacher sent an email earlier in the day that he went to the nurse, but had no fever.  By the time I got him home he had 102.2 and wasn't feeling well at all.  I rearranged plans.  Jack missed his choir program.  I missed a meeting...that my sweet friend/partner in crime did.  And we sat...
 He appears to be better this morning.  We are hoping he rallies.  We have a 5K on Friday and a baseball game on Saturday. 
Thursday morning this sweet one went to his last day of Preschool. How did we get here?!? I was making a big deal about it being his last day and he said, "It's okay mom.  I'll just sit around this summer until I start kindergarten in August."  Yes, because we typically just "sit around". 
 Thursday night we had two soccer games and a kickball game.  After the first game the big boys and I left for Clayton's kickball game. We all eventually ended up at the kickball field.  Once all of this was over we headed to get ice cream because we owed the boys from earlier in the week. 
Jack hopped up this morning ready to go to school.  He has a field day parade (not really sure what this is, but I'll be there by 1) and then a 5K tonight and a Sunday School party at church. 
Saturday morning Fred is running in the Memphis in May Triathlon.  Andrew has soccer.  Jack has baseball.  Clayton has kickball.  Liz's kids will be here.  I get to make cookies for homecoming at church on Sunday (60!) Then next week we have a banquet, honors programs, a picnic and several other things...BUT...I can see the end in sight.  It's getting closer and closer.  What a week! What a year!

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You are doing an amazing job keeping up!! Summer is almost here!!