Sunday, May 31, 2015

First week out of school...Yahoo!

Around here we just love routine, no plan, relaxed, no running around in the morning...well, at least this first week of summer.  It's really nice.  We soak it up.  Andrew still wakes up every morning and asks, "What are we going to do today?"  You think he might be the youngest of three and on the go his entire life?!?  Bless his heart.  He's just used to going, going, going...
Speaking of going, we did not go on Saturday.  For the first time in 31 consecutive Saturdays we had a Saturday at home.  It was epic.  I have no pictures.  None.  We went to Target.  Fred worked in the yard.  I cooked breakfast, lunch and dinner.  I went to the grocery store.  I can't tell you how refreshing it was.  We're going to have to do it again soon. 

We celebrated Senior Adult Sunday at our church several weeks ago.  Jack's Sunday School class passed out book marks to all the senior adults.  One of his teachers, Mrs. Faye, (who is not quite a senior adult) stressed to them to only pass them out to senior adults.  They talked about what qualified a senior adult.  Well...sweet Jack was standing at a door passing these out when he saw his teacher's husband, Clark.  Clark said Jack got a coy smile on his face, walked over to him and handed him a bookmark saying, "Your wife told me to give this to you" and then walked off.  He is a mess. Once again, I'll tell you I will be Jack's roommate in college. 

Memorial day was lots of fun with a really low key day.  I made this chocolate cake and everyone else brought delicious food for quite the spread.  (Have you tried it yet?  Seriously, it's so good.  My father in law even liked it...and that's speaks volumes!!)  Then we basically sat around the pool and visited while the kids swam in ice cold water.  I did not swim.  I don't like cold water.
 These two peas in a pod sat in these hammocks and took identical naps.  Father/Son bonding time at its finest.  My Fred might have been tired because instead of riding in the car with the rest of us, like a normal person, he decided to ride his bike to Liz's house.  Other than one fall off his bike on a slippery piece of road in Germantown he said it was a good ride.  The boy loves a bike ride.  Yes, he does. 
   Jack spent the night with a friend last night so we all were pretty lazy Tuesday morning (except Fred.  He still has to go to work in the summer.  Can you believe it?!?).  I made breakfast cookies and this fella ate four.  I think he liked them. 
The rest of the week was just playing at friends' houses, spending time together, catching up on  appointments (because when you are 36 going to the dermatologist and having moles checked is considered a party!) and being lazy in general.  I spent Friday and Saturday night with a few friends at my brother's house on the lake.  We watched movies, ate, sat outside on the screened in porch...and repeat.  It was a refreshing time after such a crazy month.
Clayton leaves this coming up this week for is 6th grade trip with Aunt Janice.  Speaking of Aunt Janice...Andrew has asked three times if I think it would be a good idea for Aunt Janice to make him a treasure chest like he had at preschool.  That way when he takes a good nap he could get a treasure.  Please note that he wanted Janice to make this treasure chest.  He knew if I did it it would be lame. 
Good call, Andrew!
Jack has basketball camp at the University of Memphis.  Andrew will get to play with Zachary at Mawmaw's.  It's going to be great!  Yeah for summer!

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