Friday, May 8, 2015

What a week...

Monday morning started off as business as usual.  Fred and I were up early and headed to the gym.  Boot camp starts at 5:15 am so I don't use the term "up early" loosely.  I did not feel my best when I left, but honestly who feels "good" when your alarm clock goes off at 4:45 am?!?  I met my friend Jamie, but by the time I got home I just wasn't feeling right. 
I pushed through getting kiddos lunches and off to school.  Then I turned around and saw this...
Something was wrong with Dash the Dog.  He never sleeps like this in the morning.  I opened the back door and he didn't get up.  I even put people food on the ground and he didn't open his eyes.  I was convinced he was dying.  Since I wasn't feeling well we laid on the couch for the better part of the morning and after texting a few dog lovers I decided to rally and take the dog to the vet.  There's an employee at our vet's office that gets very annoyed when your dog barks.  (Imagine that?  A dog barking...AT THE VET!!)  After several stink eyes and one passive aggressive comment I headed outside to wait with Dash.  Have I mentioned I was running a fever at this point?  Anyway...we saw the vet.  Long story short, and many laughs later at this dog's behavior at the vet, we discovered that the dog has a bacterial infection.  The vet wondered if he had eaten any foreign objects lately.  Ha!  If by foreign objects you mean underwear, shoes, comforters, Legos, Lincoln Logs, a thermometer, etc, etc, then yes, yes he has.  He also asked if he had had any stagnant water.  Why yes, yes he has.  One shot and 12 pills later (12 pills given over 6 days) and Dash is a new dog. 
Clayton got his yearbook this week.  Is this my child?!?  I almost don't recognize him. 
Here he is about a  month ago in case you forgot...
Is that the same kid?!? 
When you are the third child and you've been left at home (YIKES!) your mom will send text messages to make sure you are okay.  Then her sweet husband sends pictures like this to make her feel better. 
Is that not the sweetest thing ever?
I walked in to Fred's office to see this set up...
As fans of the television show, The Office, I named this Megadesk.  Fred claims that he is much more productive and his back doesn't hurt as much.  Whatever works for him, I guess.  In the meantime I may be stopping by his office more when I need to smile. 
Andrew filled this out for me for Mother's Day.  Other than my weight and height he is pretty accurate.
I will remind him of #6 when he has children and they ask him the same question 6,374 times.
Fred checked the big boys out of school early to go see a movie.  I think once they got over the shock of Fred being there they were really excited!  I can't wait to hear about it. 
I mentioned at the beginning that I've been sick.  Yuck.  I've been running a low grade fever all week.  I've been to the doctor to be tested for strep and it was negative.  The next step is blood work to test for mono and other things.  Join me in praying that this goes away quickly.  Ain't nobody in this house got time for mono.   

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redaussie3 said...

Did dash get Lepto? I worry about that with running with stella and her drinking out of puddles.