Friday, April 15, 2016

This Week

Saturday morning found us at the ball park again.  Andrew had soccer and Jack had baseball.  Fred took Andrew so I have no pictures from that event.  I do have a few from Jack.  Jack was the pitcher is a very noncompetitive league.  He grinned from ear to ear the entire time.  He would throw a ball and smile.  He would catch the ball and smile.  He would wait for the ball to be thrown back to him and he would smile.  In the end his team won.  Guess what he did?!?  Smiled.  Loves a sport.

Andrew did come to the half the game.  It was freezing and he was in shorts and a tshirt...even though I told him it would be cold.  We snuggled up.  

After the games we headed to Jackson for my grandmother's 90th birthday party.  Apparently playing baseball and smiling wears a fella out. 
We headed to the party that my Aunt Janice so beautifully planned.  I mean really.  She can plan a party!  We all had opportunities throughout the party.  I got to restock tables, serve cake, and stand by the guest registry.  After the party we ate at Logan's. Here's our family all ready to party.

Sunday morning we were just eating breakfast as usual.  Jack broke out his Memphis car salesman pitch.  The car commercials here in Memphis are something.  They seem to yell.  Actually, they do it just like this...

We have not laughed like that in a while.  He is a funny guy!

On Wednesday I volunteered at Clayton's school, but he didn't know it.  You know what middle schoolers love?!?  Turning around and seeing their mother standing in their school waiting to take a picture.  Ha!  Not really...

They had an honor roll party and my friend snapped this picture.  Such a cutie.  
 Grandma Beulah gave Renee a shirt of Fred's (my father in law, not my husband...very confusing) to give to my boys.  Clayton tried it on and loved it.  I think that's so sweet. 
 Friday I pressure washed our patio and gave it a little/much needed makeover.  I love to pressure wash.  I've got my eye on our driveway and fence.  But for now, this will have to do. 

Clayton is going to study at a friend's house tonight.  Jack has gone to practice baseball, but for the most part we were just at home Friday night.  Glorious. 

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