Sunday, April 24, 2016

This week

Saturday the big boys had Bible drill.  Jack had it in the morning and Clayton had it in the afternoon.

Andrew had soccer, but Jack's game was canceled because of rain.  After all of the morning festivities I took Jack to a friends house for a few hours and then everyone had a birthday party.  Fred went to the hospital to make some visits.  I came home and crashed.  I actually slept for about 2 hours, which is very unlike me.  I woke up in time for a dinner meeting and then hit the bed again that night.

Monday I switched the boys closet.  Don't tell me I don't lead an exciting life!  While I was cleaning out I found Andrew's glasses that have been lost for a week.  Amazing!
I may have been so excited that I screamed!  Yahoo!

Tuesday I was at home so Fred and I went to lunch.  While we were out I got an email from Jack's teacher about Andrew.  Yes, Jack's teacher about Andrew.  This is what it said...

So I found out at lunch something that will make you laugh out loud!!! Andrew is spreading the love of this hilarious joke.
Have you ever seen the movie constipated?
That's because it hasn't come out yet!
Thought you'd love that!  Jack did!

Yes, that note came from Jack's teacher about Andrew.   Please let that sink in.  Andrew's joke traveled the school so much that it reached Jack's teacher.  We keep it classy.  I honestly have no words.  Mercy.

When I walked out of the house on Tuesday morning this, was my view.
Not too bad, right?  Even if baseball was canceled. 

Because of rain, baseball practice was canceled so we actually had a night at home.  It was all things glorious.  At home.  Ahhh.  I could really get used to this arrangement.  Jack was not feeling well.  He took his temperature around 7 pm and it was 101.  Boo.  On the up side, he did get to stay home with me on Wednesday.
Here are Dash's feelings on Tuesday and baseball being rained out.

Thursday Fred and I put on our grown up pants and met with our brother in law for a little financial planning pow wow.  It was exciting....if you're a grown up.  Good times.  The meeting did involve Lenny's, which was wonderful.  As a bonus no one had any homework that night, so that's awesome.

Clayton's choir did sing at a preview night for the sixth grade.  He looked too cute standing in the hall in his little suit.  You can see by the look on his face that he was thrilled with me taking his photo.  Ha!  Middle school is wonderful!

Friday afternoon I got a special treat as I had lunch with these sweet girls.  We ate at a Mexican restaurant where they think very highly of their food.  I'm not even going to say what I spent on my lunch. Despite the sticker shock I received from the menu prices, he food and company were both marvelous!

Friday night we had a parent's night out at church. We fed the boys pizza and sent them on their way.  We then played dominoes with some friends until we had to pick everyone up.  It was a great night.  I have no pictures of this night.  I mean, how rowdy are we?!? Did I mention we played dominoes?!?

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