Friday, April 1, 2016

This week

We unloaded our bags from Vancouver and hit the ground running.  Andrew spent a little time practicing his writing.  He wrote out the chorus of Taylor Swift's song, Bad Blood.  I'm not sure whether I'm proud or embarrassed.  That is a lot of words though. I love the "hay" at the end.
Friday night we met up with a couple of friends and had a Passover meal.  Our friends, the Sullivans, explained all of the elements.  It was a great time.
Saturday morning we cleaned out the garage and it was so fun.  Well, I guess it's fun depending on who you ask.  Ha!  I, for one, had a blast!
 My faithful helpers.  They may or may not have been bribed with a movie if they were good helpers. 

 As if we could stand any more fun, we headed to our church's Easter Egg hunt.  Andrew and Jack hunted eggs, but I only got a picture of Andrew.  We had a really good time!

Easter morning is always crazy, but the boys and I (and my Aunt Christie, who was an extra set of hands) deserve a gold star.  We made it to church 5 minutes early.  This NEVER happens.  Never.  We got a picture with the four of us because Fred left early.
 The boys left with my parents after church to go to Fred and Renee's for lunch so there wasn't even anyone at church to take our picture.  So, we took a selfie.  I'm pretty sure we were the last ones there. 
Once we got to Fred and Renee's we were able to take a picture together.  Finally.  Because when every boy has a bow tie on you must document it. 
As I looked at this picture I thought back to last year.  Please someone tell me the boys have not grown this much?  (I'm wearing the same shoes from last year. Yes, my eyes are closed.)
The middle schooler was thrilled to be heading back to school and to have his picture taken...except not at all. Ha!
Dash does not like a bath or a storm.  Below he is hiding under my bed when I suggested it might be time for a bath.  I even put a treat under his nose to coax him out.  He refused the treat and the opportunity to come out from under the bed.
Then a storm was rolling in and he tried to jump in my lap while I was working at the computer.  Big Baby.
Baseball season started for Jack.  He absolutely loves a sport.  He grins from ear to ear.  I wish I could get this response when I serve broccoli at supper.
Thursday morning was a crazy morning.  The younger boys had a breakfast at their school at 7:15. (Please note that I think I left my lipstick in Vancouver.  Whoops.  I might should buy a new one.)
 Then by 8:00 am we were at Clayton's school for him to be inducted into the National Junior Honor Society. 
 Here we are with his precious principal. 
 And by 8:30 am Clayton was eating cake.  I think he was more excited about eating the cake rather than being inducted into the Honor Society.  Priorities people. 
While leaving Clayton's school I noticed this sign on the wall.  I'm thinking about making a necklace out of it and wearing it everywhere I go. 
Thursday afternoon several friends needing help delivering their precious middle schoolers after school.  I couldn't resist a picture.  That's the sweetest group of middle schoolers.

Friday Andrew had Wild West day because they were studying the letter W.  I kept calling it Wild Wild West day.  Andrew let me know there was only one wild in their day.  Oh, sorry about that.  I was throwing it back to the early nineties with a song that I remember about the Wild, Wild West.  I guess he wasn't around for that.  Is that not the cutest cowboy you've ever seen?!?

Friday night (and all weekend) we are hosting a group of middle school boys from our church.  They will be here until Sunday morning.  I bought 6 bags of chips, 3 boxes of Little Debbies, and 4 two liter drinks.  I'm hoping something is left by morning.  I felt like explaining myself to the cashier, since I've never bought that much junk food.  In the end I decided to just smile and let her think I was going to eat all of that. 

While the kids were at church and Jack went to a friend's house it was just me, Fred and Andrew.  We opted for a wild and crazy night at Costco...complete with a $10.  Fred and I talked about what life will be like when Andrew is an "only child".  He will be 15,  Jack will be 18 and Clayton will be 21.  Gulp.  It will be here before we know it.  The biggest question Fred and I have about 15 year old Andrew?  I wonder if he'll still ask SO many questions?!?  Hey Mom.  Hey Mom. Hey Mom. Mom, mom, mom, mom.

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