Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Five on Friday

Happy Friday everyone!

1. Fred will be starting a new sermon series: I 2 Us. It is a series about the family that will begin on Mother's Day and conclude on Father's Day. Come join us at Springhill. It's going to be a great time!

2. I am registered to run my first triathlon at the end of May. problem. the bag. Bike...yikes!! Yes, that's correct. I am really nervous about the bike portion. I'll have to admit I'm also a little nervous about doing them all together. Melody and I went for a ride yesterday. Did I say we went for a ride?!? No, we did not. I fell off my bike multiple times (in the parking lot) and asked her to take me home before the long list of expletives running through my head made it out of my mouth.

3. Clayton's teacher has just been precious this year. Each six weeks he takes what is called a STAR reader test. Last six weeks his score did not improve. He missed almost a week of school, had spring break and then took it when he returned. Well, this week he took it again and his score jumped an entire grade level. His teacher was so excited she had him call me from school. What a blessing it was to hear her excitement and his as they celebrated his score!

4. Since Jack was sick on Tuesday I did not get to teach at the tutorial. Aunt Janice, Mun and Mimi usually keep them. Fred was in Jackson Tuesday so he picked up a few things from Aunt Janice's house. One of those things was an envelope with JACK written on it. Jack was so excited to find a "ticket". He went around the house and proclaimed, "Look what Aunt Janice gave me...a hundred thousand dollars!!" A hundred thousand is his new favorite number. I didn't have the heart to explain the difference.

5. We have this Leap Frog drum at the house. It plays music and lights up when you hit it. Just this week Andrew seems to be hitting it and understanding what he's doing. It is too precious!

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