Sunday, May 30, 2010

McMinnville City Triathlon

After spending the night at my brother's house we headed to McMinnville, Tennessee for my first triathlon. The race consisted of a 200 meter swim, 11.5 mile bike ride and a 2 mile run. Here we are right before the race began. Some of our friends from Paris came to race as well: Ray and Rhonda Compton and Melody and her family. You can't tell from the picture, but I was REALLY nervous at this point!!

I am in the blue swim cap. I included this picture because moments later this big guy to my left swam on top of me. It was awesome.

The entire family after the race. The boys are pointing to their numbers because they are about to compete in their triathlon.
We had three families from Paris at the race. If you take the Paris Post Intelligencer with you and capture a picture they will print it in the paper. Stay tuned for that!
The boys are waiting for their race to begin.
Clayton is running as fast as he can. He totally has Fred's sense of competition.

Jack grinned the entire time he was racing. We was intense. We had to tell him the race was over before he stopped running. Too cute!
Once everything was over we got to swim at the city pool in McMinnville. There were three water slides and several water features. It was a great city pool. I highly recommend it!
I convinced Clayton to jump off the high dive. He was a little timid, but he did it. I was so proud of him! He got to do it twice and then we had to leave.
After the race they served peanut butter sandwiches, bananas, oranges and BBQ sandwiches. I was hungry, but I can't eat BBQ after a race. Other people were literally shoveling BBQ and slaw at 10:30 in the morning!! Whew...I just took a peanut butter sandwich, banana and some oranges. I later went back and they were all out of BBQ. When we finally left we were all hungry. On the recommendation of my brother we stopped at the most amazing restaurant! Fred and I split a Chicken Pesto Pizza and a Greek salad. If you are ever on I-24 around exit 111 you should stop at J & G Pizza. It is awesome!!

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Fred and Renee said...

That looks like a really fun day!! I wish I could have been there.