Thursday, May 27, 2010

Five on Friday

1. Fred had the big boys by himself for a few days while I was gone. They did "boy stuff" as Jack told me. We still have a tent set up in our backyard as a result of this "boy stuff". I think they had lots of fun!

2. My triathlon is this weekend! I am so excited about it! My goal is to finish...FINISH! Right now I'm feeling pretty good about meeting my goal. I'm sure there will be a post on my race some time this weekend. Keep your fingers crossed!

3. Clayton and I (and Jack) played Chutes and Ladders this week. On his own he began adding all the numbers. For example he would be on space 15 and spin 6. Instead of counting out six spaces he would add 15 and 6 in his head and then move to the appropriate spot. He loved it and continued to add like this until he eventually won the game. Impressive!!

4. Jack is generally a happy fella. Lately when he gets excited about something (it doesn't take much) he does the cutest thing. He does a fist pump and says, "Yes!" in a whispery voice. It is just priceless!! For example this response is evoked when I tell him we are having toast for breakfast or that we are going to the grocery store together...simple things, but he gets so excited!

5. Andrew and I made it fine to Sioux Falls for my cousins graduation. He did not sleep well in the motel and by Saturday evening he was running a low grade fever. He did not feel good at all. In fact he cried most of the way home. When we walked through the door of our house he flashed the most precious grin when he saw his brothers. He was so glad to see them! FYI-he had/has an ear infection in both ears.

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