Friday, June 18, 2010

Five on Friday

1. Fred's brother and his wife (Dan and Tami) had their baby this afternoon. She weighed 10 lbs., 6 ounces! Whoa! Big girl. Her name is Sierra Nicole. It is reported that mom and baby are doing well. We are waiting patiently to see pictures!

2. Fred has been out of town since Sunday. He got in last night. I told him when I agreed to have a third child it was under the assumption that he would be here with me. He is not allowed to go out of town again until Andrew is 4.

3. Clayton has really been interested in learning all things math, especially multiplication. I have explained the basic concept to him and he seems to get it. He amazes me with how his mind works!

4. Jack turned four this week!! Four!! He does not know it, but he will have to have a well check up at the doctor in which they give him four shots. Four shots. I have not scheduled the appointment in an attempt to delay the inevitable.

5. Andrew started waving bye-bye to people this week. I thought he was just moving his arm, but then I realized he was waving when people were coming and going. Too sweet!

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