Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Five on Friday

1. Fred is pretty excited this week because we've gotten several things out of our garden: bell peppers, hot peppers, dill, tomatoes and squash. We canned several jars of pickles and made zucchini bread as well. Yummie!

2. We have had Vacation Bible School this week at church. I am always overwhelmed by how the week comes together. I pray it is pointing children and their families toward Jesus.

3. Clayton and I are reading The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe (along with other things) this summer. I've never read it and it's getting good. I pray he sees the picture of Christ that C.S. Lewis so beautifully paints in his book.

4. I told Jack to go get in his bed Wednesday to take a nap and the following was our conversation:
Me-Okay Jack, it's time to go rest.
Jack-No. (in an extremely whiny voice)
Me-No Jack, it's time to go rest. Please don't whine.
Jack-No, I don't want to rest.
Me-I didn't ask you if you wanted to rest. I said go. I'm counting to three and you better be on your way.
Jack-(Folding his arms and poking out his lips). Okaaaaay, but I'm not going to smile about it.

Also, this morning Jack told me he was hungry. I told him I was getting his breakfast to which he replied, "Could you get it a little faster?"!!

5. Andrew has started acting shy when someone speaks to him and I'm holding him. It is too sweet!

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