Friday, June 11, 2010

Orange Beach-2010

We booked our vacation to the beach in February.  We have gone with the Mauldins for the past several years.  When the news broke about the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico I never dreamed our vacation would be affected.  I was watching the news several weeks before we were to depart and saw the forecast.  I called Erica.  We called our condo. About five days before we headed out I saw Erica in Jackson.  She told me the oil was supposed to make land by Wednesday.  My heart sank.  After much deliberation we decided to stick with the beach, but maybe a different complex with different amenities.  We could not have been more pleased!  Our condo, Phoenix on the Bay, had a lazy river, a water slide, outdoor pools, indoor pools, hot tubs and a water slide.  It met our needs just perfectly!  If you have plans to go to the beach...GO!!  We highly recommend the place where we stayed. 
*Fred and I did ride our bikes to the beach one day.  It looked fine.  There were crews in haz-mat suits and tar balls.  Fred had his shoes off and stuck his feet in the water.  We didn't think anything about it, but when he went to put his shoes back on his feet were streaked with oil  So, if you are planning on going to the beach you may not want to plan on getting in the ocean.  Try to find a condo with other amenities and have a ball!!  We sure did...even without the ocean!! 

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Fred and Renee said...

I am so glad that ya'll had fun. It looks like a really good place to stay. I am glad that you decided to go ahead with your plans to Gulf Shores. Those people need all the tourism help they can get right now.