Friday, September 3, 2010

Blog Question

I don't usually post things that require comments, but this morning I was reading Beth Moore's blog and she asked what three dreams do you have if you weren't limited by time, money, etc.? I thought it was an interesting question. I've had fun thinking about it.

Here are my three:

If I could I would…

1. Be able to play the piano and sing. You know, just sit down and play–All the while making it look effortless. My mother always said I should learn to play. She was right! I should have listened.

2. Travel to Central Asia with my entire (in-law) family to see my brother and sister-in-law who are serving as missionaries. I just miss all of us getting to hang out.

3. Cure cancer.

What would your three be? When you get a moment post your three dreams as a comment.


Melanie said...

Hello! I loved this most on the LPMBlog and did the same post on my blog too! :)

you know it's never to late to learn the piano.... :) Go for it!

~ ~

Fred and Renee said...

I am particularly fond of number 2. That would be so much fun!!Of course curing cancer is kind of like "world peace". You gotta love that one. :-)

Jeff, Paige, Blake and Adam Merwin said...

Even though it is hard to imagine not having limits, I do "dream" all the time about being a singer--I mean a really good singer. I love to sing (in private of course because my voice is terrible).

My next would be to arrange for my Mom and I to learn to sail--she's always wanted to and I would love to spend more time with her doing something she loves!

My next would be to learn to play guitar to go with my singing.