Friday, September 24, 2010

Five on Friday

1. After a terrible 10 mile run Thursday Fred is looking forward to cooler weather over the next few days:

Scattered Thunderstorms
87°F | 56°F
Partly Cloudy
81°F | 53°F
Partly Cloudy
74°F | 50°F
68°F | 49°F
2. When I was at the grocery this week I needed laundry detergent and fabric softener. I usually buy whatever it the best deal with the coupons I have. Not this week...I bought Tide detergent and Downy fabric softener. They make me smile. Why?? I guess I'm a laundry nerd. I'm okay with it.
3. Clayton has 32 AR points since the beginning of school. (Books are anywhere from 1/2 a point to 4 points. 4 point books are usually 150-200 pages.) We are so proud of him. He is devouring every book we put in his hands. I pray that he will always strive to use the talents and abilities God has given him.
4. My mom was in town to help last week. She took Jack to preschool and stayed for a while. When I asked her how it went she told me Jack had a great time watching everyone else participate. He is a mess.
5. Andrew loves the dishwasher. I mean, loves the dishwasher. When he hears someone open it he stops whatever he is doing and makes a bee-line for it. He pulls himself up and grins and grins. Then he begins to pull everything out of it. Needless to say loading the dishwasher is really a task these days.

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