Thursday, September 9, 2010

Five on Friday

Happy Friday everyone!

1. It is official. Fred is training for the St. Jude marathon in December. 26.2 miles...

2. I was helping Clayton write a paragraph for school and trying not to write it myself. (It would have been quicker!) I laughed to myself as I remembered my first year of teaching. One of my students wrote a summary of a chapter we had read. His sentence read exactly like this (I'll never forget it!):
"The Derwoods fate was not made manifest until the end of the chapter."
I found out later that his grandmother was an English teacher and she helped him with his homework...imagine that!!

3. Clayton is very excited because he is the fastest runner in his class--very exciting news for this house.

4. Jack will play his first soccer game Saturday. It should be interesting and exciting!

5. Andrew grabbed for Fred's phone this week and Fred told him no, no, no. Andrew looked at Fred, grinned big and said right back--no, no, no. We all laughed. Maybe we are teaching him a bad habit!?!

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