Thursday, February 24, 2011

Five on Friday

1.  After several weeks off from running Fred is back.  He is happy to be on the pavement again!  
2.  Several people in my family had medical tests this week.  They all came back negative.  (Which in the medical world is a good thing!)
3.  We had breakfast for supper this week--a Shackelford family favorite.  We had chocolate gravy with our meal.  Clayton was savoring every bite and then proclaimed that I made the second best chocolate gravy.  Second best...what?!?  He told me Grandma Beulah made the best.  I guess I can be second best to Grandma Beulah. :-) 
4.  Jack asked me to stay at preschool with him one day this week.  I was pleased for two different reasons:  1)  He wants me to be with him.  2)  He was participating.  The second reason is huge for Jack.  He just doesn't usually participate.  He isn't trying to be rude, he's just super shy. 
5.  Andrew had his first taste of a Peep this week.  (Tiny bites at a time.)  He ate two.  When he asked for a third. I told him no.  He covered his face with his hands, said no really pitiful and then fell to the ground.  I think he liked the Peep.

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