Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Bennett is 5!

Jack's BFF Bennett turned 5.  I cannot believe Bennett is five.  I just visited his mother (my BFF) at the hospital before Bennett was born.  It doesn't seem possible.  Here are the two big guys together at the skating rink... 

Andrew does not want the big boys to do anything without him.  After pulling him off the skating rink four times Fred decided he needed some skates of his own.  He was too cute!
(On a side note...Fred and I did not skate.  Big people fall too hard!  I have come to realize I only get one body and I must take care of it.)


Happy Birthday, sweet Bennett!  We are so glad you call our Jack your friend.  God has blessed you with a precious family and we know He has great things in store for your life!


The Kenworthys said...

That baby is precious in skates!

Fred and Renee said...

Love this!!! Go Andrew!

Laurel said...

Your boys are too cute! I meant to tell you Monday, that you look awesome too. SO adorable as always! SO good to see you and Fred and your sweet family!!