Thursday, February 17, 2011

Elegant Dinner

This week at Clayton's school we had Spring Pictures and Elegant Dinner.  All the students at Clayton's school dressed in their best to have a class picture made.  Then for lunch, they entered the cafeteria through the archway below.  Once seated in the decorated lunch room all our parent volunteers served each child a delicious lunch.  There was even a harpist to play through lunch.  What a day!

 The school board, other principals and other community leaders join us.  Each class decorates a place mat to put on the head table. 
 Since I was there all day I got to get this cute, little fellas picture. 
 Also, since I worked with the 2nd grade ushers I was able to capture a moment with this precious 2nd grader.  Do we need to mention that he is in 2nd grade?!?  I had a moment Wednesday while I was standing with some kindergarten parents.  It seems like yesterday that we were just getting started at Rhea.  I can't believe Clayton will go to the next school and Jack will start kindergarten in the fall.  It just doesn't seem possible!

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