Friday, May 20, 2011

Clayton's Awards Day

Clayton had award's day at school today.  He was really excited.  In fact he told me that he thought it might be the best day of his life.  His school has the day down to an art.  Below he's standing and waiting with his class...trying not to smile. 

 His teacher (who he loves!!) came from her maternity leave to the day.  This made it all even more exciting! 
Then when we got back to the classroom we discovered another award.  Clayton won the top AR award in his school with a grand total of 225 points.  We were so excited for him!
 We checked Clayton out of school early (shhh!) and headed for a special treat to celebrate.  Guess where he picked?!?  McDonald's!  He didn't want the usual dollar menu fare, oh no, he had to have a Big Mac.  Yes, he did.  He thought he was big stuff.  He didn't eat all of it, but never fear, little brother Jack ate his own  nuggets and finished up the rest of the Clayton's hamburger. 
 What a great way to end a great year!


HayesFamilyHappenings said...

Clayton-That's amazing! Way to go! How neat that you got a trophy to always remember this special day!

Tori and Lee said...

Aw LOVE it!! Way to go Clayton!!