Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Fun stuff

Just a few things Andrew's said over the past couple of days...

The boys and I went to meet some friends at McDonald's the other day.  Upon pulling into the parking lot Andrew said from the back seat, "I wannna bu-ger.  I wanna bu-ger." 

Andrew has some sweet ladies that keep him at church in the nursery each Sunday.  One of them in particular he is very fond of.  Sunday she had someone else sitting in her lap.  He went up to the child in her lap, pushed on her lightly and said, "Move!" 

Andrew has a really good friend named Barrett.  He calls him Be-Bitt.  Whenever he sees him he gets really excited and starts shouting his name over and over. 

My mom spent the night with us Monday night.  When Andrew woke up Wednesday he walked around the house saying, "Where Mimi go?  Where Mimi go?" 

Andrew was in my arms the other day and I asked him where Jack was.  He didn't respond.  Then I said, "I guess we better call him."  He immediately yelled, "JACK!", and Jack came running!  

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