Friday, May 20, 2011

Five on Friday

1.  Fred made homemade whole wheat hamburger buns the other day.  Seriously, if his current career doesn't work I think he could have a future as a baker.  I feel certain I would be his first (and favorite) customer.   
2.  Tomorrow is the 5K@Rhea.  I am really excited for the event to be here.  I'm also nervous to see how it will turn out. I was hoping to have 100 participate.  To date we have 215 registered.
3.  The boys got up one day this week and were beginning to argue.  This is what I heard Clayton tell Jack..."Remember that we agreed that we would get along today.  Let's try harder. Okay?"  After that moment they did not argue the rest of the day.  Ahhh...Nice!  
4.  Friday there was a yard sale on our street.  Fred told Jack he could ride his bike down and see if there was anything we might need.  Jack came back and reported to Fred that there were some things that he thought Fred would want.  They had some real swords and Jack felt certain Fred would want those. 
5.  I changed Andrew's diaper this week.  After I changed it he took he diaper and ran off saying, "Tee, tee, poo, poo, woosh".  I wondered what he was doing so I followed him.  Yes, he threw his diaper in the commode.

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