Saturday, July 28, 2012

Tower Tri

We were all up bright and early this morning for the Paris Tower Triathlon.  This was Clayton's second year and Jack's first year.  Everyone was excited!!  Having two participating proved to be a challenge when it came to cheering and capturing each moment. 

Clayton is exiting the pool.  When he exited the pool I had to wait on Jack to start the swim so I couldn't get Clayton in the bike transition area. 

 Jack is exiting the pool here.  He did great in the swim.  I couldn't help but smile watching him.
 I didn't get to see Jack on his bike at all, because I would have missed Clayton finishing.  Can you tell I was torn the entire race?!? 
 I don't have pictures of Jack crossing the finish line because I waited for what I thought was an appropriate amount of time and then I did what any other self-respecting mother would do...I ran the course backwards to find him.  Once I found him he was walking, but still smiling I encouraged him to run with me and we finished the run together. 
 Here is the entire crew after the race.  It was hot.  Once we got home I declared that I was sitting inside the rest of the day under a fan.

 We have a great crew of kiddos that participates in these races and below is a picture of them all, complete with the Eiffel Tower in the background.

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