Saturday, January 5, 2013

First week of 2013

1.  Our sanctuary at church has been timeless and tastefully done.  In the past several years though the thirty year old carpet has experienced some wear and tear and the pews take a little faith when you sit down on them.  You know, faith that the pew is going to hold you up.  The time has come for new carpet, pew coverings and reinforced pews.  The process started this week.  Fred says it looks really good.  Pictures coming soon. 
2.  Our friends from Seattle were in the area this week and they stopped by for a visit.  We enjoyed catching up with them and their kiddos.  It made me miss Seattle and our friends there.  I cannot believe we didn't get a picture!
3.  Several months ago Clayton and I were in the car together.  He asked me what I thought about if I had nothing to think about.  I told him that never happened to me.  He then said, "Well, I think about unicorns."  Alright...Fast forward to this week and we were playing a game of Hedbandz as a family.  I was giving cards to everyone and one of the cards was unicorn.  I put it back in the box and Clayton asked why.  I told him it would be too difficult for someone to guess.  He responded very promptly and all in one breath with, "Unicorns are mythical creatures that live in a magical forest far, far away from here."  Ha!  Looks like someone has had some empty thinking time.  (Click here to see the game Hedbandz.)
4.  Jack is playing basketball for the first time.  He loves it.  He grins the entire game, whether on the bench or in the game.  In fact, he smiles so big I don't know how he sees to play.  It is just precious. 
5.  Andrew is a trip while playing the game Hedbandz.  He has to go last.  If he doesn't he just goes around the table and tells what everyone is.  When you are guessing your card, if it takes too long, he'll tell you your card as well.  It is really funny.

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