Monday, January 21, 2013

This Week

1.  Fred spoke at an MLK, Jr. prayer breakfast this morning.  It was really a moving experience.  I love worshiping with people of different denominations, backgrounds and skin color.  It was an honor to attend and celebrate. 
 2.  Saturday our church hosted a Ladies Lunch.  Initially, I expected 20-30 people to be in attendance.  By the time Saturday got here we had close to 100 people in attendance.  I was blown away! 
 Here is one of the center pieces.  Isn't that lovely?!?  Please note this was not my idea, nor my creation.  Someone much better than me came up with this. 
3.  Sunday at church Clayton found me in the crowd and randomly gave me a hug.  It melted my heart.  Later he told me he needed to ask me a question.  I don't care what his motive was.  I'll take it.
4.  Jack and I were playing Marion Kart on the Wii this week together.  I am not very good.    He told me I needed to practice more.  I'll have to add that to my list of "to-do's" each day.  I think that will be time well spent. Ha!!
5.  I teach the kiddos at church on Wednesday nights.  Andrew usually comes with me to my class.  One thing we work on is the books of the Bible.  This week I looked up and he was singing along with the other kiddos while we were working on them.  He knows almost all 66 books.  It is amazing what they learn/pick up. 

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