Thursday, January 10, 2013

Five on Friday

1. We buy our meat from local farmers.  This time we got a ginormous pork shoulder from our hog.  I was just going to put it in the crock pot.  Fred quickly saw what I was planning and put the breaks on my scheme.  He concocted a rub and smoked that thing Tuesday.  We didn't get to eat dinner until about 8 that night because of ball practices, but once we finally ate it was worth the wait.  My, it was good.  Melt in your mouth good. 
2.  They say things come in threes.  We've had our bathroom leak...that's one.  Now, our car...that's two.  I don't even want to know what three is going to be.  I'm thankful that the first two problems could be solved with money.  My mom always told me no problem was too big that could be fixed with money.  I have repeated this to myself several times over the last few weeks. There she goes...

3.  Clayton asked me a science question tonight.  I answered with a not so confident "yes".  To which he responded, "I'll go ask Dad, he's the science guy."  Good job Clayton, you catch on quickly.  As my ACT scores would indicate I am NOT the girl for any science question.
4.  I think Jack liked duck hunting with our friend last week as evidenced by his library book choice.
5.  Andrew and I went grocery shopping the other day while in Nashville.  He got his own cart.  He was so excited, even though he doesn't look like it in this picture. I was excited with what was in the buggy.  I do love a grocery store.

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