Monday, January 28, 2013

This week at a glance

1.  Fred and I have discovered we like to eat duck.  A man from our church gave us 10 ducks recently.  The first time we ate duck he just got the breast and prepared duck poppers.  This time he prepped the entire duck, you know, minus the feathers, head, etc.  We are going to try roast duck and dressing this week for supper.  I'll keep you posted.  Corndogs will be in the freezer for the kids.  I'm not thinking they will like it. 
2.  I love how different my boys are.  This week in separate conversations with them they expressed an interest in summer camps.  Clayton wants to go to LEGO camp or Robotics camp.  Jack wants to go to basketball camp.  I love it!
3.  Clayton came home the other day with his fourth grade 4H speech assignment.  I remember writing my speech.  It was about friendship.  Ahhh, the memories...I digress.  He came in so excited about the assignment and proclaimed, "Mom, give me some paper and a pencil.  I got this."  I love his spirit and pray he keeps it.
4.  Jack loves basketball.  He scored 10 points at his last game and had 12 rebounds.  He grins the entire time he is playing.  It is the cutest thing ever.
5.  Andrew does not like the vaccum cleaner.  He sits in my room (in fear) while I vaccum.  He came out of my room and asked if I was done.  I told him my vaccum cleaner was broken.  He told me to get some batteries for it.  Think he has been playing the Wii with the big boys?!?

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