Sunday, April 4, 2010

Easter at Springhill from 2006

We have been at Springhill since August of 2004. This year marks our sixth Easter. As I looked at our Easter picture this year I was thinking about all the ways God has blessed our family. While I couldn't find a picture of our first Easter here I could locate 2006 to the present. Hope you enjoy!

2006-Clayton was 2 1/2 and Jack was two months out from making his appearance.

2007-Clayton was 3 1/2 and Jack was 10 months old. 2008-Clayton was 4 1/2 and Jack was not even two (yes, I know!! a very large two year old!!).
2009-Clayton was 5 1/2, Jack was 3 1/2 and Andrew was seven months out.
2010-Clayton is 6 1/2, Jack is 3 1/2 and Andrew is 5 months old.


Elizabeth said...

I LOVED THIS. How is it that you look better and better every year?

Some of us might dislike you for that. :)

Erica said...

I agree with Elizabeth!! I think the more babies you have the better you look! Just keep having those babies and you may be a supermodel!!