Thursday, April 15, 2010

Spring Break

Our Spring Break started a little early because Clayton was sick. Fortunately, by the time our real Spring Break started he was better! The boys started Spring Break in Jackson. I don't have any pictures from their fun time there. They did all sorts of fun things: fed the ducks, bowled, played at the arcade, ate donuts for breakfast (and really any time they wanted them), got kids meals at McDonald's, and on and on!!! They had the best time! Wednesday night after church Fred and I headed to Jackson for the night. Thursday morning we headed out and made our way to Memphis. We went the back way and stopped at a Mennonite bakery in Whiteville. Then we continued on to Wolfchase Galleria. The boys L.O.V.E. to ride escalators! Below you can see the excitement in Jack's face. They HAD to eat their lunch before they could "ride" up and down and up and down. Too funny...

We found a little play area that was conveniently located right outside one of my favorite stores, New York and Company.
Clayton and Jack found this wheel to spin. They even argued over who got to do it next. We had to take turns spinning this wheel. Did they win a prize, you might ask??? No, it was just a wheel.
When we came in the mall they had these little jumpy things. The big boys decided to use their allowance to do this. No fear. They went twenty feet up in the air. The sign said you had to be 20 lbs. to participate. We were going to let Andrew do it, but he didn't have his allowance!!

We even rode the carousel. After the carousel we jumped into a photo booth. You know, the old fashioned kind that takes four pictures and then develops them in two minutes. Well, we didn't quite fit. I scanned our debit card while the big boys were coming inside. Fred was getting Andrew out of his seat. Unbeknown-st to us Andrew had leaked through his diaper and poop (sorry mom) was all over him. So he entered the booth, that was way too small for five people, and the fun began. We didn't get a single picture of all of us, but the final pictures were really funny!
Friday morning while everyone was at work we headed to downtown Memphis for a picnic and a visit to the Fire Museum.

We were completely exhausted, but not too exhausted for a cupcake!! On a recent trip to Nashville, Fred and I discovered a little place called Gigi's Cupcakes. We looked and found that they had a location in Memphis. Oh, how great!!!

We had the best Spring Break...loaded with fun!! God has blessed us with a sweet family! Oh, how we enjoyed our time together! Summer break is around the corner!!

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Betsy said...

Silly, silly Jennifer. Haven't I told you about Gigi's? I am a cupcake guru, and they're good!!!