Thursday, April 22, 2010

Five on Friday

This week is the World's Biggest Fish Fry! For those of you who don't know about it, it is a really big deal around these parts! In honor of Fish Fry I thought we'd devote our Five on Friday post to our town.

The question is, "What do you love most about Paris, Tennessee?"

1. Fred loves the people, especially our church family. He also loves the summer here. Since we are so close to the lake it feels like vacation all the time, even though we aren't on vacation. Seriously, when we go to the grocery in the summer we see people in bikini tops and cut off shorts buying charcoal, steaks, a bag of lettuce and the beverage of their choice. Vacation, right? Love it!!

2. I love the sense of community here in Paris. Fish Fry is this week and the entire town is a twitter. The city has come by and mowed our bank and cleaned our street. (We happen to live on the road to the fairgrounds.) Not only is the city making an extra effort to make our town look nice, but businesses, homeowners and churches are sprucing up, planting flowers and putting their best foot forward. I just love how our town comes together!

3. Clayton loves Paris because of the carnival and parade. The carnival comes twice a year--for Fish Fry and Henry County Fair. We can hear it from our house. The parade is about two blocks up from our house. Did I mention school is canceled for the parade??? What kiddo wouldn't like that?!?

4. Jack loves story hour and the carnival and the parade and going to Mimi's house. (I think he got a little carried away with Mimi's house since she lives an hour away, but his answer was to cute not to quote.) Since we've already covered the carnival and parade I'll tell you about Story Hour. Story hour is through the Paris Special School District. Mrs. Donna and Ms. Pam lead us each week with songs, activities and stories. Plus you can check out books, backpacks and videos. Did I mention many of his friends attend? Did I mention we go to McDonald's once it's over? Did I mention Monday is his last story hour?!? Sniff...Sniff...

5. Andrew likes all the people that smile at him wherever he goes. For real, it takes us an hour to get four things at the grocery. Of course one of those four things is rice cereal, which he now LOVES!! He actually smiled today when I brought the spoon up to his mouth. Progress.

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