Sunday, April 4, 2010

Mawmaw comes to town!

Mawmaw came to Paris during her Spring Break. She got to go to Story Hour with Jack, to McDonalds with the crew, to lunch with Clayton and to read to Clayton's class. When she was at Story Hour she got to see the Easter Egg hunt. Mrs. Donna is below giving directions for the hunt. You can see Jack in the background. He is peeking through the door to check out the eggs. Too funny...
Mawmaw stopped to snap a picture with Jack before we left Story Hour. (Andrew wanted to be in the picture so he spit up on Mawmaw's shoulder to make the blog.)

Here is Mawmaw reading to Clayton's class. She read a book about Moon Pies and then passed out Moon Pie treats for all to enjoy!

We sure had a great time while Mawmaw (and Poco) was visiting! Thanks for spending some of your Spring Break with us!!

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Fred and Renee said...

It was FUN! I wish I could do it every week.