Thursday, April 15, 2010

Five on Friday

Each Thursday Fred's sister, Elizabeth, posts a blog entitled "Ten on Thursday". I so enjoy reading it that I decided to do something similar. My only hesitation is I don't know if this particular season on my life will allow me to think of and post ten different things about us. I adapted mine to Five on Friday, thus allowing each member of our family to have one new thing. Without further adieu here are our five...

Sorry to start on a mellow note, but life is life...
1. By Saturday Fred will preach his second funeral in five days. Funerals are normal for preachers, but two in five days is a lot. Both of the people who passed away were active church members and both of their deaths came as quite a shock. To say it has been an emotional week around here would be an understatement. Our hearts and prayers are with the families that will bury their loved ones this week.

2. Last week Fred asked me if I wanted to go visit a lady at Vanderbilt in Nashville. While I had a super long to-do list, I just kept hearing a still, small voice whispering to me, "People are more important than tasks.". I felt an overwhelming sense that I should go with him. Man, am I glad I listened and obeyed. Both of the people we visited were the ones who passed away.

3. Clayton came home this week from school super excited! As part of the World's Biggest Fish Fry here is Paris, First Bank is sponsoring a coloring contest. Students from across the county will enter pictures. He will be in the kindergarten through first grade category. After much planning he began to color. With a smile on his face he told me what the first place prize was and then he said, "but even if I don't win that they have prizes for second and third place." Precious confidence. I pray he keeps that confidence. When I mentioned it to Fred he replied (confidently), "Of course he'll keep it!" Wonder where he gets it from?!?

4. Jack did not want to leave my in-laws house after Spring Break. He was really sad and crying. In an attempt to get him to stop Mr. Fred offered him a nickel. No response from Jack. Mr. Fred then offered him a quarter. Jack then replied through sniffing and crying, "I'll take a dollar." sniff. sniff. Atta boy!! Go for the big stuff!!

5. I finally broke down and started feeding Andrew cereal. He does not like it...really does not like it!! View below...

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