Friday, April 30, 2010

Five on Friday

Happy Friday everyone!!

1. Fred injured his ankle about six weeks ago. After weeks on the elliptical, the bike and in the pool (including one awesome session of pool running...not really) Fred is finally back up and running on the pavement!! He's had two good three mile runs this week and is looking forward to another run tomorrow. Next week he will begin adding mileage. YEAH for all of us!!

2. This morning it was made very clear to me that I am a mother. Andrew has been (how shall I put this?) backed up. I gave him prunes last night and by 8:00 a.m. this morning they did their magic!! I have never seen so much...well, you know. I had to call for back-up. It was EVERYWHERE!! Well, as soon as it was all cleaned up I washed my hands, sat down at the table and ate breakfast. Yes, it's official. I'm a mom.

3. Clayton has learned how to ride his bike really well over the last few weeks. He wants to ride all the time. We have a great place for him to ride, but someone has to go with him. Sunday he went with me while I ran. I told him I could run faster than he could ride. I was wrong. In fact, he rode three miles while I ran two.

4. We have several dogs in our neighborhood. They know me and Fred well since we run past them frequently. They do not like us. Jack is oblivious to this. The other day as we were driving past these barking, snarling animals (behind a fence) Jack told me, "Big dogs, wittle dogs, all dogs--they wike me. I see them smile at me." It was too funny! Those dogs were NOT smiling at us!!

5. Andrew turned six months old Monday!! Six months old!?! Where has it gone? He got shots yesterday. After three children and multiple shots I still can't stand it. I left him with the sweet nurse and stood in the hall while she gave him three shots. I had tears stinging my eyes. If I could I would take the shots for him.

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