Thursday, April 22, 2010

World's Biggest Reading Celebration

Today was the World's Biggest Reading Celebration at Clayton's school, Rhea Elementary. We were in charge of the grill. Fred and our friends (Corey, Andy, Doug and Chris) grilled 1400 burgers!!

Along with the cook out they also do field day. Clayton and his class got to participate in relay races, obstacle courses, a petting zoo and many other activities.
Jack got to help Mrs. Cindy, Mrs. Kathy and Mrs. Kathy make cotton candy. They made and bagged cotton candy for the ENTIRE school (teachers, students, teaching assistants, staff, etc...A LOT!!)...all day long!!

Andrew...well what can I say?!? He's a trooper! He took his morning nap in the back of the van. Can you tell he's a third child?!?
Clayton's school focuses heavily on reading. So far this year his school has read 414,186 books! Isn't that amazing?!? This morning before they started their day each class gathered in the hall while the Mr. Owens (principal extraordinaire) played this over the intercom. It was precious to see them all "rocking out" to a song about books. God has blessed our family by putting us at Rhea! I'm not an emotional person, but when people pursue excellence and my children are the benefactors...well, I just can't talk about it. I'm getting misty-eyed.


Fred and Renee said...

Sounds like a fun day! I know that Jack enjoyed making cotton candy. We had an Earth Day celebration today that sounds very similar. Even had cotton candy.I love that Clayton is loving reading.

Erica said...

Oh how I miss Rhea! I know it is not perfect, but for a public school it is pretty great! I only wish we had something public like that here in Jackson!!! Looks like you all had a great time. Take care!