Friday, October 1, 2010

Five on Friday

1. A precious man from our church passed away this week. Fred did his funeral Thursday. A lady from the same family passed away the same day. Fred did her funeral Thursday as well. It was a hard day for that family and for Fred.
2. My mom came into town Tuesday just to hang out. We had a lot of fun together! Then Thursday I stayed in Jackson for a while after I taught and we shopped together. It has been a week of fun getting to spend time with just my mom. Special thanks goes out to Mun and Janice for keeping the other boys!!
3. Clayton pulled his own tooth this week! Rejoice with me, won't you?!? Did I say "pulled"? No, it just fell out. It was so loose. It literally FELL out! He jumped up and did I!!
4. Jack likes sleeping in the guest bedroom with Clayton. He says he doesn't have bad dreams when Clayton sleeps with him. Sometimes Clayton just wants to sleep by himself. This makes Jack sad. Jack told Clayton this week that he wasn't going to be his brother any more if he didn't sleep with him. Clayton was very upset and I assured him this was not true.
5. When I teach on Thursdays in Jackson Andrew stays with my mom, Mun and Aunt Janice. Yes, all three of them keep him. He loves it! Who wouldn't?!?

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