Thursday, October 7, 2010

Five on Friday

1. Fred is looking forward to seeing his parents this weekend. We've been on "lock-down" in Paris because of ball season, school and this time of year in general. We're actually looking forward to both sides of the family coming up to visit and celebrate Jennifer's birthday Sunday. Because we are on lock-down, it's really great to have family come to us.
2. We've started stopping at yard sales. It is so much fun! Some of my favorite finds so far are a $5 bread machine and a $1 crock pot. Good times!
3. Clayton had a project at school due Friday. He brought it home Wednesday night and immediately wanted to begin working. He was so proud of the final outcome and so am I!

4. Jack has had a rough week. His behavior has not been up to par. Wednesday he had to apologize to someone at church and he refused to do it...four times. I went to him the fifth time and this was our conversation:
Me: Jack please come apologize. You can eat supper once you apologize.
Jack: (Making fists, crossing his arm and sticking his lip out as far as it'll go) I'm not gonna apolo...Supper?? Did you say eat supper?? Okay, I'll go...
5. I gave Andrew a pumpkin cookie (pumpkin outweighs cookie, right?!?). He loved it! I loved watching his chubby little fingers shoveling into his mouth. It was gone in 3.2 seconds flat!

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