Friday, October 22, 2010

Five on Friday

1. Fred has 18 miles today. He is running it at Shelby Farms. Memphis has a new program here called green lines. They take abandoned railroad lines and turn them into running/biking trails. He is really excited.
2. We are taking family pictures this weekend with Liz. We met yesterday to get started. You can view a sneak peak here. I'm really excited!!
3. We went to see Secretariat last night. (I highly recommend it!) When Clayton saw the horse running he leaned over to Renee and whispered, "He runs like me and dad."
4. When Jack heard we were going to the movies he said, "The movies?!? I love gummy worms! They have gummy worms at the movies, you know!"
5. Andrew says a few words...never on command. Occassionally when I'm on the phone and say bye I'll hear him in the background saying quietly, "bye." It is really sweet.


mundayseven said...

Okay, The picture of the three boys was great! Where did you get the outfits? I know my boys would think that was great! :)

Jennifer said...

Thanks! My mom made the capes and she found the rest at Dollar Tree. Can you believe that?!?