Friday, April 29, 2011


We had a great weekend!  Fred had to preach twice in Paris on Good Friday so the boys and I headed to Jackson with my parents.  Saturday morning Fred arrived and we all participated in a Resurrection Run at my home church.  Clayton and I did the 5K and Jack and Fred did the 1 mile.  Clayton and I both finished 2nd in our age division.  Fred and Jack only did half of a mile (more on that later).  After the race we rested for a while and then headed back to church for a Resurrection Day family festival, but before we left Jack got sick.  Not too unusual for Jack, but sick none the less.  He came with us to the festival and eventually perked up a little, but after about 2 hours he was fading.  When we walked into dinner I could tell he wasn't doing well so I took him to my grandmother's house to rest.  Well...when I got back he was pitiful.  He had gotten sick AND he had a fever of 104.  Needless to say we ended up at Convenient Care in Jackson.  He missed Easter services at church.  Aunt Janice came to stay with Jack so the rest of us could go to church.
All of the kiddos sang and played bells as the service started.  (I could only get half of them because I had to sit on the front row.)  They were really sweet.  

 We headed to the egg hunt/gather after the service.  Clayton was on it!  He got a basket full of eggs and then some for sick Jack.  Jack was really pleased. 
Andrew, however, was a little overwhelmed by all the can-key.  He went straight for a ku-ker, stopped gathering and gave me the above pitiful face.  I opened his candy. 
After church we headed over to a friend's house for a delicious lunch!  It was a great day/weekend celebrating the resurrection of our Savior! 

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