Friday, April 29, 2011

Five on Friday--Fish Fry Edition

Today is The World's Biggest Fish Fry--the biggest day of the year here in good ol' Henry County! We're super-excited to have Mimi, Maw Maw, Aunt Elizabeth and our cousin Zachary up celebrating with us today. I'm sure pictures will come soon. In the meantime, here's our 5 for the day:

1. Yesterday we took the boys (along with Dan and Harrison, 2 of Clayton's buddies) to the Fish Fry Carnival. While we were there, Jack decided that he wanted to ride "Superman," a "big kid" ride that goes around and around REALLY fast. We weren't sure he could handle it, so Fred went with him. Turns out, Jack handled it just fine. Fred, however, was SUPER nauseous afterward. He must be getting old.
2.  Yesterday was the World's Biggest Reading Celebration at Clayton's school.  It was awesome!  To view pictures from the day, click here.
3.  Clayton is going to be riding his bike in the Fish Fry parade today with his triathlon club, the Paris Tri-Eiffel-etes.  He is excited!
 4.  The ride that was mentioned above...once we got home we realized Jack did not handle it as well as we thought.  We won't go in to it, but...he got really sick when we got home.
 5.  Andrew must be going through a growth spurt.  He is eating all the time.  One day this week Fred said he was going to make pancakes.  Andrew cried for a pan-pake until we put one on his plate.  (about 30 minutes total)  When we finally got him one he ate it so quickly that Fred and I literally looked around him to make sure he didn't just drop it.  He ate another one and got down.  Once he was down he grabbed one off the plate and carried it around the house, eating it like a cookie. 

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