Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Storms, trees down and school delay

We had terrible storms last night in Paris.  The thunder and lightning was intense.  The kids slept through it.  It woke me and Fred briefly, but we went back to sleep.  Fred and I were up a little before 6 and I got a call from Clayton's school.  His school is meeting 2 hours late because of power outages. Hum...Well, we went about our morning business.  As Fred left for the gym he walked into the living room and said, "Whoa!" We looked out our window and saw the pictures below.  Needless to say I think we'll be calling the insurance company this morning.  Anyone have a chain saw?!?  Thankfully, the tree did not break through the roof.  It appears to just have bent the gutters.  
2 hour school delay?!?  I think I'll go whip up some whole wheat waffles and we'll just have a party this morning! 

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