Saturday, June 11, 2011

Orange Beach Vacation

We headed out for Orange Beach, Alabama Sunday after lunch at church.  We drove for 4/5 hours to Meridian, Mississippi with what I would call one of our top 3 worst car experiences.  After a good nights rest (and a good lecture) Mondays travel's went much better.  Did I mention we picked up Mawmaw on Sunday?  
Once we arrived at the beach we headed straight to our favorite restaurant for lunch.  After lunch we played at the condo with the Mauldins.  Tuesday the big boys headed to Pensacola for a Blue Angels practice session.  Then they went to Five Guys for lunch. 

 Wednesday we headed to the beach.  Andrew was not a fan.  He pretty much screamed the entire time we were there.  We did go to the beach with the pretty lady below.  She did not stay long though.  She volunteered to take grumpy goo back to the resort. 

 Back at the condo the boys loved playing in the lazy river with their friends. 
 Everyone loved the slide...well, everyone but Andrew...he was not a fan.  He kept saying no and shaking his head.  We took him down twice thinking he would warm up to the idea.  He did not.

 Mawmaw and the boys at Doc's Seafood Shack.  I highly recommend the shrimp!
 Back at the condo for our last day.  Yes, Andrew has his pap pap.  He had just gotten up and was not willing to let it go.  I figure if I get to eat dessert every day since we are on vacation he can have his pap pap when he wants it...right?!?  It's vacation after all!!
 I have no words for this shot.  I just thought it was funny. 
We love the beach!  We love the friends that we get to go with each year!  We feel blessed, that for this year, we were able to go, get away and spend time together as a family.   The count down is on for next year!

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Dan and Tami said...

Looks like fun! We can't wait to hang out with you guys next January.