Friday, June 24, 2011

Jack is 5!

What a birthday it was for Jack!!  He got to pick where he went to breakfast and of course it was Nene's. 
 After breakfast we came home to show him our present...a new (bigger) bike.  He was pretty excited.  His other bike was so small it was ridiculous. 
 Nana and Grandad came to Paris on his birthday and took him to eat lunch.  Guess where he picked?!?  Oh yes, Mexican.  They also gave him a "real" gun.  He was so excited about this bee bee gun.  Since receiving this gun he has shown every person who has entered our house his new gun.  (FYI--it stays in the top of our closet--unloaded.)

 Later that same day we had his official party.  It was just a simple shin dig at church.  Jack wanted a pirate party with chicken nuggets and corn dogs.  So that is what we did!  We went on a treasure hunt and had a big time. 

 Mimi and Tee came for the party and then spent the night, since my dad had to work in Paris on Friday.  Jack loves music.  He likes our ipod shuffle so Mimi and Tee got him one of his own.  He was super excited and has been listening to music since then...and showing his gun.
THEN...our Memphis family came to town for Jack's birthday.  We had burgers and homemade ice cream sandwiches.  We were also celebrating Father's Day.  It was a great three days full of friends and family.  Jack is definitely one loved little fella!!

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