Friday, June 24, 2011

Eleven years today!

Fred and I have been married for eleven years today.  We were talking and reminiscing about life over the last eleven years.  We both agreed that it is better today than it was in 2000.  We have enjoyed every phase and hope and pray that it only continues to get better.  I keep a journal of personal letters I've written for Fred (not posted on the internet) but I thought we could do a list of things that are better now than know I love a list!!
1.  We live together.  Woohoo!  I love hanging out with Fred and living together makes that much easier.
2.  We live a much healthier life style by eating better foods and living more actively. 
3.  We communicate better. 
4.  We have three awesome kiddos.  They really are precious and a joy to watch.  It is interesting to see how they exhibit some of our same behaviors. 
5.  All of our siblings are "grown" and living happily.  We love the spouses they have chosen.  The more the merrier!
6.  We get to serve at a church where the people really have become part of our family, and we believe we are in the center of God's will here.
7.  Our parents are now our friends.  Not that they weren't 11 years ago, but those relationships have changed for the better. 

God has been so good to us!  It hasn't all been easy or pretty.  I have moments I'm not proud of, moments I'd like to do again, but that is part of who we are today.  We are still standing strong and I can honestly say I love Fred more today than I did eleven years ago!  Happy Anniversary, Fred!!  xoxoxo

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