Sunday, June 5, 2011

Five on Friday...belated

1.  We are so excited that Josh Escue and Emily Peery (soon to be Escue) came to Springhill this morning for church!  We have been praying for a year that the Lord would bring someone to our church to minister to the students of our community and to lead us in worship.  Although it's not official yet we are overjoyed at the prospect of working closely with them.  Please pray for our church as we move through this process.
2.  When the tree fell on our house several weeks ago I knew we would have to paint the living room because of the leak down the wall.  Since we're painting the living room, why not the kitchen...and the hall...and the hall bath...and our bedroom...and our bathroom.  We have a guy coming this week to paint it.  WooHoo!!  (Can you see Fred rolling his eyes a little?!?)
3.  Clayton loves to read.  I packed a book for him to read in the car, but did not realize he was almost finished with it.  Fred reminded me that he had his Kindle.  Clayton was ELATED to pick his own book to read from the Kindle.  He looks so big and we have not heard a word out of him since purchasing the book.
4.  Jack jumped off the diving board this week by himself without a life jacket.  He asked me if that was something five years old did and I told him yes it was.  He grinned and was so proud of himself. 
5.  Andrew sits by me at the table.  Lately he has been taking my fork before we begin eating.  This morning while we were eating breakfast he reached over and took my plate...took my plate out from under me.  I told me no, to which he looked up at me with those precious eyes and said, "I want mo!" (Translation:  I want more.)  I took my plate back and reminded him that he had food on his plate. 

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